Dustin (D.M.) Rosemark is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary filmmaker and artist, with experience leading transnational, multilingual feature-films with budgets under $500k. Rosemark’s work focuses on the fusion of historic photographic processes with the technological avant garde.

Dustin was the recipient of a 2010 Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Grant to produce his 2012 short-film series Blue Hands; a novel animation technique composed entirely of Cyanotypes. In 2013 Dustin produced 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind; a feature-length cultural documentary shot in 13 different countries entirely on a toy-camera. In 2014 Dustin was again awarded a Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Grant to finance his production Looking At: Looking Into, a film project examining the relationship between media and voyeurism through antique exhibition machines called Mutoscopes. In 2015 Dustin was named a Flight School Fellow; a partnership between Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Creative Capital and The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. In 2018 Dustin released his 2nd feature-length film Inferno, a surrealist interpretation of Dante Alighieri’s famous morality tale. Beginning in 2017, Dustin shifted his focus into traditional 2D studio practice with an emphasis on historic photographic process and printmaking. Each year he produces about 100 new works, while maintaining a catalog of over 1000 individual, unlimited editions through his commercial studio MediaStudio1.


In addition to art, Dustin enjoys military history, philosophy, chess and plays competitive pinball. He lives in suburban Minnesota with his wife and daughters.