Redactive Poetry

This series grew organically out of my collage practice — “Why?”, I thought, “Should I waste 1/2 of the magazine only going after images?” Followed by “How can I best use the rest of the magazine to make something interesting and creative?” I routinely describe this to my customers as “The most difficult thing I do” — because I am wildly dyslexic and finding these poems amongst a mess of usually poorly written copy is a chore for me.

What I find fascinating about Redactive Poetry, is that so often the messages I glean from the pages of these magazines is in stark contrast to the messages those magazines profess to support. I can’t count how many times I find venial and oppressive messages in women’s magazines — who outwardly support ‘female empowerment’ — I ask the question about how these signs can be best perverted from their original intent, and into something the original author never (consciously) intended.

These works are all Permanent Marker on Magazine Pages dated between 2017 and 2018 totaling 85+ images.